Many of us are trapped in thinking that true love and happiness are unattainable for so many reasons like, “I’m too busy”, or “I can’t rust anyone else to do it”, or “I’m focusing on my career right now.” Did you know that 60% of all unmarried couples break up within the first 2 months of the start of a relationship?

Oftentimes, the couple chooses to go separate ways once life hurdles are encountered as the begin sharing more of their lives together.  Unconsciously, our past experiences work against us when it comes to love.

How can you lessen your chances of your next relationship being part of the 60%?

You can begin attracting love, happiness, and joy by first looking within yourself for love.  When we are starved for love, we are desperate and jump heart first into the first opportunity that looks like a lifeline.

Next, heal your inner wounds. We hold on to our wounds as a way to protect ourselves from ever being hurt again. We learned early on that opening our heart to vulnerability caused us pain or humiliation, so we’ve chosen to keep it closed and never allow that kind of pain to happen again; not realizing that holding that pain is only harming you.

Lastly, change you mind! Yes, it is that simple. When you are hurt or in pain, step back, feel the pain, then choose to respond in a way that promotes healthy healing – this moment calls for being impeccable with your words.

By implementing these 3 easy steps, you are on your way to attracting love, joy, and happiness.

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