Did I tell you about this? It was really crazy how it happened…

Before I tell you all the amazing details, let me share with you where I was in my head before all this happened.

There I was, rolling in and out relationships like they were revolving doors. My self-sabotaging mind games were being played full force, and the stuff coming out of my mouth in conversations with others was unbelievably negative about relationships….I was in a horrible space, and I needed help (obviously..).

No matter what I tried, what I did, what I thought…I was unable to get the results or relationship I desired and wanted.

When my really long marriage ended, I lost a ton of weight. I went from a size 10 to a size 6 in a period of six months. I was getting looks, calls, intro’s, and connected to others like it was raining men outside my door.

I was flattered and elated to have been looked at, desired, wanted in such a way…my ego felt good and wanted more, more, and more.

As time went on, I began to develop a rhythm to my dating and all the attention. This ebb and flow began to feel normal on some level…but something kept bugging me…my gut was always uneasy whenever I brought up the thought of my relationships – past, present and future.

When I was in a relationship with “Stan” (not his real name), I felt so loved, adored, and cared for every time I saw him. Our time from the start was instant – you know that ‘spark’ or ‘magic’ as some would say…it was that way in every area – emotionally and physically.

As time went on, and he treated me as a divine treat, I began to feel a familiar feeling… slowly this feeling started to creep into my thoughts…

Seriously, why was this happening? When I looked at Stan, he was 6’5”, muscular, former military officer, well educated, great career, funny, sensual, sexual, and even cooked me dinner every I came over…he had ALL the items on the checklist.

Why was I feeling so insecure? Self-conscious? Like things were not right…

He would talk about being in love and visiting my children and taking them places and on and on… it was heaven…

But something kept stopping me from going any further…

The relationship ended quite abruptly, and I went into a tail-spin of self-sabotage, lying to myself, and blaming him for anything I could think of…

When I finally allowed myself time to sit and be with what happened I learned some stuff that I was not particularly pleased with.

At this point, I had done quite a bit of personal development courses, worked with a life coach to sort, well my life out, and even spent time with therapists who would psycho-analyze me for free (lol).

It wasn’t until I made the decision to stop and listen that I learned what was truly blocking me from manifesting love…the love I desired the most.

You see, I was harboring some pretty heavy negative beliefs about me, love, and relationships. I also learned that these negative beliefs I held onto so dearly were blocking love from entering my life and keeping my heart closed off to allowing love in.

No matter how much I said it, the beliefs that I wasn’t stating out loud were the ones that were doing the most damage. What I saying, was not matching what was in my head.

I didn’t believe I deserved a great relationship.” This one was an ancient belief that I discovered had roots in my relationships with my family. I discuss this aspect more in my upcoming book.

I didn’t love myself unconditionally.” This was tied to all those times I looked in the mirror and secretly wished I looked some other way.

I had a lot of emotional baggage from past relationships.” This one I discovered was tied to old thoughts and feelings I was still holding onto from my past marriage that revolved around money and sex, as well as continual feelings of betrayal and disappointment.

That last one took some time to clear, but I did it!

It wasn’t until I tackled those limiting negative beliefs that were holding me back, and then learned how to specifically apply the manifesting principles to something very dear to my heart – opening up to true love – that I could begin to see the results of what I desired.

Yeah, it takes some work, and I did it…the work, the healing, the clarification of intentions, clearing out the clutter of my home and my heart. I began to see results. Results like I have never seen before!

Finding true love is possible for anyone at any age if you are willing to prepare yourself on ALL levels to become the magnetic match for the love you are seeking.

Just know, that I am here to support you along the way. When you make space for love, it will find its way to you, and even the most unlikely pairings are possible.

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