Do you feel you need to control every aspect of your life or wish what you wanted was easier to get?

So many of us have been raised and conditioned to fight for everything in our lives. We have been taught to fight for the spot on the team, the perfect job, and the relationship with the perfect guy or girl; competition rules our lives. Yet, you still don’t have what you desire.

We have been told to respect aggressive energy, as well as a fight mentality; we’ve been told over and over that ‘fight’ is our power. Often failing to see, when we fight for everything, we gain nothing because we have lost our ability to trust in ourselves and in others.

This external searching of looking to anything other than love to complete you and be the source of your happiness is a false reality.

When we stop trying to control events, those events fall into a natural order, an order that works. Allowing yourself to be aware and to trust you have the true power of magnetism then you begin to attract what you desire. Personal magnetism is about letting go of the attachment of how things happen outside and become more concerned with what happens on the inside.

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