Private Coaching

Relationship Breakthrough Session

Anyone could really benefit from a powerful 60 minute session when feeling stuck and unable to decide which direction to go. In this session, our conversation will address a specific aspect of your life and get you back on track. This is also a great place to start if you are on the fence and deciding if the coaching process is right for you.

Veteran Transition & Reintegration Program



Having difficulty navigating the civilian career track?  Leaving you more frustrated than encouraged…

Tired of applying to positions and never receive a call?  Leaving you with unanswered questions of “Why?”

This 8 session program follows the Hawk Eye Development Coaching career process utilizing specific strategies and interventions tailored to the unique obstacles and concerns veterans are facing upon separation from active duty service. Hawk Eye Development Coaching uses dynamic and empowering tools to help veterans and reservists redefine new futures as you reintegrate into the civilian and federal employment sector, achieving both professional and personal goals. This program is designed to help the veteran with a severe service injury (combat injury)  develop and use practical life strategies effectively and open lines of communication for the development of healthier and positive professional dynamics.

  • 1-4 hours a week of private coaching sessions (at your discretion)
  • In person and/or phone/Skype
  • Daily access to calls and email support

Connect the Dots – Military Couples

  • Have you experienced the anticipation of your spouses return from deployment only to realize once the excitement wore off the two of you were actually unable to communicate?
  • Constantly fighting about little things and the challenges of him/her reintegrating into the family routine?
  • Are you feeling more withdrawn and detached from each other since his/her return from deployment?

This program is cheaper than divorce, accomplishes more than therapy and comes with your version of a happy ending.


During this program, couples will learn to:

  • Identify the problems keeping your relationship in a rut.
  • Implement practical and easy strategies to move you forward in building stronger ways of communicating with each other.
  • Practice and design simple actions to show positive emotions towards one another thus increasing emotional foundations and a near perfect life.
  • Build new mutual perspectives and an empowered lasting relationship.  

Couples actively participate in 8 one hour sessions by Skype or in person, receive additional 4 hours of phone support, and email support. 

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