Do you feel like you are continually failing in relationships and attracting the same ‘type’ of person?

Do you desire being a part of a successful relationship?

Many times your actions appear as insecurities or lack of self-confidence from unhealed and unresolved pain, and creating even more problems in your relationships. This often shows up as:

  • Lack of commitment to a relationship
  • Being a serial dater
  • Never giving anyone a chance

Do this simple activity to remove what is holding you back from love. On a piece of paper write, “What are my beliefs about relationships?”

Next, list all of your positive and negative beliefs.

Then, write down WHY you have each of these beliefs. For the negative beliefs – ask yourself the following questions: “How is this negative belief impacting my ability to live with true self-love, or in attracting my ideal partner and relationship?

Finally, give yourself permission to forgive – not only yourself, others too, and release the pain from your life.

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